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You need to know the type of drug test you are required to take. Of all the drug tests, urine is the most common despite the setting. Most companies will subject you to urine tests privately at the workplace or refer you to the trusted laboratory who in turn submit the sample to the company. This test is often monitored to ensure accurate results. There are employers, however, who may require you to undergo saliva, hair and blood testing although this is rare.

You need to know the drugs that are tested for. A drug test can test a wide range of drugs including cannabis, alcohol, opiates, cocaine, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepines or amphetamines. It is vital that you prepare to be tested for a specific drug you are aware of.

Know how long the drug is likely to stay in your system. One thing you are probably aware of is that there exists a difference in how everyone’s body reacts to drug use. Some of the factors to consider here include how often you use a particular drug, its potency, body fat and when you last took it. Drugs like cannabis can stay in the blood of a regular user for up to ninety days. However, healthy people can become in just forty-five days. Onetime users may become clean in up to ten days. Other drugs usually do not stay long in your system and may take a maximum of thirty days in extreme cases. Tests like hair tests are capable of detecting illicit substances for months or even years although most laboratories prefer a 1.5-inch sample of head hair that can detect substance use in the past ninety days.

Understand the risky options when trying to pass a drug test. There exists a number of false information in the web on how you can pass a test. You need to know that most of the presumed options are risky, if not dangerous to your health while some may not work at all. Some of the misinformed options you may come across may include; home remedies which do not work in addition to being dangerous, synthetic urine which is risky, diluting yours with an adulterant which is detectable, and substituting another person’s urine which is also risky and detectable.

If you do not have time to detox naturally, you can always go for a detox drink that requires a lesser period. Something you should be aware of is the fact that most detox drinks are formulated to remove weed as well as other substances from your system very fast. However, you should be warned that in some cases they do not work, but in other cases, they work. However, a clear choice rescue cleanses works well for drug users.

Notably, this type of detox drink works on all toxins and cannot be detected. However, the 16- oz bottle of the cleanse is only for people who weigh less than 200 lbs. However, people will more weight can use the 32-oz bottle. The drink holds the toxins in your body for almost 5 hours and prevents the body from burning any fat cells. Notably, this ensures that the toxins are not released into the bloodstream and then the urine. However, the detox drink to work you should avoid smoking two days before your test.

Use Urine of a Friend

Also if all these options seem hard, you could get urine from a person who does not smoke pot or uses any drugs. However, you should have in mind that this is a super sneaky method and you need to be careful to pass the urine test for THC. First, tie the urine sample to the inside of your leg and use it as your own. However, it can only work if no one is supervising you during the test and the urine you will have to use to be of body temperature then you can easily pass the drug test.

Use Toxin Rid

Before using it, you should ensure that you only use one detox formula to the detox to work effectively. As for the Toxin Rid, if you forgot about the drug test and you smoked weed, you should use toxin rid. However, it only works for people with low levels of THC in their body. Also, you should know that this detox comes with other products like period tablets, a detox liquid, and a dietary fiber. You should be worried by the other products since it is all natural and will make you pass the drug test. It dissolves in your system and then gets rid of any traces of THC in the urine, saliva, and blood.

General ways to Pass your Drug Test

You should ensure that you do not engage in any exercise 24 hours before the trial since exercising will spike up the levels of THC in the blood. As a result, you will end up providing negative results that indicate that you have been consuming drugs. Also, you should ensure that schedule your drug test in the afternoon that way you will be able to avoid using your first urine of the day, as it contains a high level of THC. We learned about this trick to pass a drug test from Clear Drug Tests. Also, drink 2 to 3 liter of water before your test and avoid gulping water non-stop on the day of the test to pass your urine test.

The test is not as easy as it seems, if you want to be THC free for a month, then you need to refrain yourself from consuming cannabis in all forms, i.e., edibles smoke and concentrates. The next step involves you detoxing naturally through staying hydrated all the time. Drinking water is one of the simple ways of detoxing. You can use lemons to the water, or you can drink tea to hydrate your body. Also, avoid any other types of drugs like alcohols within that period. You can also consume healthy foods like kale, corn, tomatoes, bell peppers and plums that will assist you to flush out the THC. However, if the aim is to pass a drug test drinking too much will dilute your urine and a rise suspicion which might call for another drug test.

This type of detox enables your body to restore balance since consumption of drugs alters the body and brain chemistry. A detox for drugs will allow you to cleanse your body from the drug toxins physically and eventually; your body will naturally balance and get restored. However, you should know that the different type of drugs requires a different kind of medications during the detox period. Hence doctors will prescribe a dose only after identifying the drug you were using. In this type of detox medical staff will be monitoring your vitals to determine how the dosage you were prescribed is going. The medications prescribed can be changed so that you can be provided with a dose that fits you. While using this detox method, you will experience adverse side effects, and they should be addressed before they become fatal. Notably, this method is used by people who have used the drug for a long time. Hence if you still want to retain your job, you can request for some weeks off and undergo the process, this way you will not only pass the drug test but you will also clear you’re and regain sobriety.

Finally, you need to be aware of your options when cleaning your body for a drug. Of all the ways you may be told, know that the safest way to past a drug test is by cleansing your body of drugs so that when the test is performed, you come out clean.