Passing A Drug Test For The Second Time

Ask for a Second Drug Test

In case you have failed the first drug test request for a second drug test since none if the drug test is 1000% accurate all of the time. You should know that most of the urine test is the least accurate hence you can use it to your advantage. You can always say that you disagree with the results and therefore you require another drug test to be conducted. However, if the employer suspects an employee for drugs, then they can perform a drug test without notice. For people applying for a job, informing the person of a drug test in advance is one of the requirements from the government.

You should first understand that THC is one of the compounds found in marijuana and it is stored in the fat cells of the body. This substance can be traced using your hair, blood, fingernails and saliva, and urine. THC is quickly absorbed by the body the moment you smoke or consume cannabis through other forms. Hence to pass a drug test you need to get rid of the THC that is present in your system. Luckily, they are several ways that can help you to pass a drug test, once you observe them keenly.

Notably, this only works when you have a good heads up about the urine test. If you get a hint of a drug test at your place of work or any other place one month early then you are likely going to pass the drug test. Foremost, you need to stop consuming the drug and start flushing it out of your system using plenty of water and exercise. Having in mind that activities will increase your level of digestion and help burn the fat cells containing the drugs. On the hand, water will flush out your system getting rid of the traces of the drug.

Health Clubs to Help Detox

Visit the health club around you or spa and get a spot in the sauna as sitting in the sauna will make you sweat a lot and through sweating the toxins in your body will be eliminated. Also, you should be aware that you have to combine going to the sauna with eating healthy foods since it is not clear if the sauna cleanse alone will work 100%. Hence consume foods healthy meals on a daily basis like vegetables, fruits and lean proteins having in mind that taking a B-complex Vitamin will increase the rate of your metabolism. While doing this, you should also limit your consumption of processed junk food and sugar for the natural detox to work.