“We offer the medical help…for a lifetime.”

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What makes us different?

*Science-based, medically assisted treatment for addiction to alcohol or opiate drugs with a long-term success rate that is at least 5-to-6 times higher than traditional programs.*Physician-supervised use of non-addictive, FDA-approved medication, such as Naltrexone and Suboxone, to stop the physical craving for alcohol and opiates.

*Individual treatment plans with more options for clients, including both outpatient and inpatient programs.

*Special executive/professionals program is available as well, and all programs can be customized to meet your individual needs and schedules.

*Painless, private detox for inpatient clients and more personal freedom during the process. Includes access to a pool and exercise room, concierge services upon request, cell phones and/or computers are permitted, family members can visit, and pets are allowed.

*All programs are totally confidential with one-on-one counseling offered to ensure privacy.

*Supervised drug & alcohol interventions for families and counseling for the patient’s relatives or loved ones.


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We are not a faith-based, 12-step program, but we have great respect for AA and NA.  In fact, we will arrange for our patients to attend AA or NA meetings if they like, and we believe that the traditional, 12-step program can serve as a valuable “support group”.

We also welcome any AA or NA members who may be in need of our science-based, medically assisted treatment to help prevent relapses and improve their chances of achieving long-term sobriety.

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Find out more about the emerging study of personalized medicine and pharmacogentics wtih Dr. James Kennedy from CAMH.

Assisted Recovery Center – Savannah Georgia

Focusing on alcohol and opiate withdrawal treatment, specializing in Vivitrol, a once a month injection, lasting up to 30 days ensuring maximum recovery success

Myth #1

Overcoming addiction is simply a matter of willpower. You can stop using drugs if you really want to.

Reality:  Excessive drinking and prolonged exposure to drugs can alter the brain in ways that result in powerful cravings and an overwhelming compulsion to use. These brain changes make it extremely difficult to quit by sheer force of will.


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What Makes Us Better?

Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia was among the first to offer a medically assisted
treatment for addiction to alcohol and opiate drugs, and it is our mission to continue serving as a
leader in the battle against addiction. We use the latest and most effective tools that medical
science has to offer, including non-addictive, FDA-approved medication such as Naltrexone and
Suboxone. So, why is this method more successful than traditional programs?That’s because people who are drinking excessively, self-medicating, or abusing opiate drugs,
will eventually develop a chemical unbalance in their brain and a chemical dependency in their
system, driving them to continue their self-destructive behavior. And, unlike most other
programs, which fail to address that chemical unbalance or dependency, our medically assisted
treatments work to stop the physical cravings for alcohol and opiate drugs, allowing patients to
maintain a focus on their counseling and therapy, which serves as the cornerstone of their
recovery process and deals with the underlying issues that caused them to become addicted in
the first place.This treatment method also makes the patient less vulnerable to the psychological “triggers”
which could cause them to relapse without the medical assistance to prevent those cravings.
And, let’s face it, those psychological “triggers” are all around us, everyday – from the beer
commercials and other suggestive images we see on television to that old friend who keeps
pushing you to come out and party with no knowledge or cares about your personal struggle
with addiction.By blocking the cravings for alcohol or opiates and making patients more immune to potential
“triggers”, our medically-assisted approach has proven to be the most effective method for
treating addiction and is the main reason why our long-term success rate is 5-to-6 times higher
than traditional programs.Also, with a private detox and one-on-one counseling, we can guarantee total confidentiality for
our patients and all of our inpatient clients are treated with dignity – not like a prisoner on

In addition, our inpatient program is conducted in a much shorter time-frame, compared to other clinics. In some cases, it can be completed in as little as 7 days.
For more information, call us at 912-352-2425 or on our 24-hour hotline at 888-570-6391