The Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia offers programs designed especially for medical, legal, and business professionals. Our programs offer professionals immediate and highly confidential access to our individualized, evidence-based treatment for chemical dependency ranging from alcohol to prescription pain medication and drugs. Many professionals view addiction to alcohol or drugs as a problem that could cost them their job and derail their professional careers. They fear that seeking help through their employer or professional assistance program could put their career in jeopardy. Some treatment programs can be rigid and punitive, involving mandatory inpatient treatment and outpatient aftercare programs lasting up to five years.

The cost of the treatment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and cause long periods of absence from work or school for up to one year. The fear of major financial expense for treatment, a loss of income, increased stress on loved ones, and being away from home for several months will often force professionals to hide the problem until it is too late. In many instances, a professional is caught in the act of using and turned in by a co-worker or supervisor. This leaves the affected individual with few options, and it typically forces the affected individual into mandated treatment or forced resignation. But it does not have to be that way.

INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED FOR PROFESSIONALS: We have a viable option to seek treatment before the problem becomes unmanageable. Our Confidential Treatment Program for Professionals is a comprehensive treatment program that incorporates medical detoxification, anti-craving medications, psychiatric treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention counseling. The treatment is delivered as an outpatient treatment program with the individual, group, and family counseling sessions conveniently scheduled in the evenings and on weekends to minimize disruption of your professional and personal life.


Medical Detoxification from Alcohol and/or drugs to assist patients in overcoming their physical dependence on chemical substances, our program begins with medical detoxification. Each patient is seen by a Doctor for a Physical Evaluation, Blood Analysis, and a Urinalysis drug screen. After the evaluation, the Doctor will prescribe a series of medications that will allow the patient to detoxify with minimal discomfort, and overcome the pains of withdrawal symptoms.

Apart from medical detoxification, another program offers THC detoxification for individuals aiming to break free from their reliance on marijuana. After a thorough physical assessment, blood analysis, and urinalysis drug screen conducted by a qualified physician, a personalized detox plan is devised, incorporating suitable medications to ensure a smoother THC detox process and alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Psychiatric Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders: Chemical dependency and addiction almost always involve a co-occurring disorder such as depression, high stress, or anxiety. If these disorders are left untreated, then a person in recovery may relapse even when they are engaged in other components of treatment. Our psychiatrists meet with each patient to evaluate individual needs. Then we create a personalized treatment plan that works. The combination of psychiatric care, medical care, and clinical therapy creates the most comprehensive approach to treatment available within the same treatment program.

Nursing: Our nursing staff provides patients a level of access that exceeds many medical offices. Patients in need of medication adjustments/refills, dose management, injections, or medical advice do not always need to wait for a Doctor to be available. Instead, patients can speak with our Nursing Director who will act as a liaison between the patient and the Doctor. The nursing staff is available throughout the day with or without an appointment.

Drug Screening/BreathalyzerIn order to verify a patient’s success and to keep the illness of addiction in check, The Assisted Recovery Center Of Georgia will test its patients’ urine, blood samples, and Blood Alcohol Content. All tests are done in the office and many of them will produce same-day results.

Therapy and Counseling: Individual Therapy is an essential component of any recovery plan. Beyond the treatment of physical dependence, the patient’s major challenge will be embracing a lifestyle free from the use of alcohol and psychoactive drugs. To assist with this process, our patients engage in weekly individual therapy sessions. The therapist talks patients through their struggles and helps patients develop healthy coping skills and mechanisms. Group Counseling is offered on a robustly diverse schedule that allows for attendance and participation from anyone regardless of their professional or personal schedules. These group sessions are led by our trained clinical staff with the goal of preventing relapses through counseling in a group setting. Family Therapy is encouraged for all patients in our program. The illness of chemical dependency and addiction affects not only to the person who is struggling but also the loved ones surrounding them. Our Family Support Group is a weekly group meeting for the family members of our patients where they can participate in sessions led by our clinical staff with the goal of addressing the special challenges faced by the family members of our patients. In addition to the support group, our program offers closed sessions for the family and the patient to meet with a Family Therapist to assist with change in the home.

End of Program Meeting: At the close of a treatment program, the patient will have a session with the Program Director to select an Aftercare Program and discharge options.  The most important changes of recovery cannot be made far away from your home. When you make targeted lifestyle changes, and you learn new ways to cope with the stress of daily life, you will achieve success. The Assisted Recovery of Georgia will provide you with the foundation for lifelong recovery.

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