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ARC History and More Details
In 1999, Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia developed their “bio-psych-social” protocols that many in the addiction-treatment community today consider the “future of addiction treatment”.We believe addiction is a physiological brain-based disorder that is medically treatable, and that long-term sobriety can be achieved.

ARC of Georgia was founded by our CEO, Terry Bruce after 12-step programs and other traditional treatment methods failed to help a family member recover from alcohol addiction. While searching for other treatment options, Ms. Bruce learned about the studies by a researcher at The University of Pennsylvania – Dr. Joseph Volpicelli. He pioneered the use of Naltrexone in treating alcohol addiction, which led to its FDA approval in 1994. Dr. Volpicelli found that Naltrexone significantly reduced the cravings for alcohol and opiate drugs, allowing patients to in treatment to focus more on their recovery. When combined with cognitive therapy, we believe that Naltrexone and the once-a-month injectable form, Vivitrol, take the treatment for alcohol and opiates to the next level as shown by a success rate that is now consistently in the 60% range, compared to traditional 12-step/AA programs that report only about a 5-to-10% success rate. In addition, our clinic also uses Suboxone in treating patients addicted to opiates or prescription drugs.A primary part of treating our patients for their addiction includes a psychological assessment to identify underlying issues that may be causing them to drink excessively or “self-medicate” so that we can provide treatment for those issues as well. The opiate and alcohol detox programs at Assisted Recovery are as pain-free as we can offer, using the latest medical technology. In addition, our inpatient programs are not “lock-downs.” We offer a private detox conducted at a local apartment, or patients may have a favorite hotel in Savannah where they choose to undergo a detox. This form of private lodging increases our clients’ level of anonymity in connection with their treatment. Nothing in their records
would reveal anything other than they had a relaxing vacation in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Assisted Recovery’s overall mission is to combine the very latest tools that medical science has to offer with one-on-one counseling to conquer alcohol and drug addiction.

888-570-6391 24/7