The question, “How will pickle juice help me pass a drug test” never gets old. It’s inevitable to deny that some people would claim that drinking pickle juice is the solution in passing their drug test regardless if the person has taken drugs recently. But this is not a miracle. At the same time, drinking any acidic liquid on the same day is also not the solution you are looking for.

The question now is, why do people see it as a way to pass a drug test.

Pickle juice has an acidic content. Thus, it gives an idea that when you drink it, the person can cheat a drug test. People said that the test would turn out negative even if you’ve been taking drugs recently. The juice’s main component is acetic acid, which neutralizes the THC metabolites, making it impossible for laboratory analysis to pick them up.

It is a fact that vinegar cleans your system or be used in detoxing from drugs, but then it will not work in one day, and it will not have the result you are looking for if you are aiming to pass that drug test. However, this didn’t stop a lot of people from trying it even until now. It will always turn out the same most of the time: the person fails the test, especially if they recently used drugs. So what can be the exception to the rule?

There are two significant ways to use the juice

From the web, it says that there are two solutions or methods to use pickle juice.

Of course, the first one is safer because you only have to drink it. The other one might be tricky because someone can be observing you while doing so. Thus, it will not be easy for anyone to add anything that goes out of their body.

Going with the first solution, you have to drink 1 gallon of water and then add a distilled teaspoon of sugar. Expect the taste to be unpleasant, and you might even vomit it and cause diarrhea, depending on your digestive system. The juice also contains salt that can make you feel too thirsty. If you do this, you should be able to drink the liquid steadily before the drug test and then have to pee as much as you can so that you’ll be able to remove all THC amounts. The theory behind this is that acetic acid can cover up and neutralize metabolites. However, scientifically speaking, it doesn’t always work.

Did it work out for some people?

“A long time ago (at least 20 years) that was the case, it was the vinegar that did the trick, however, drug tests have gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years and this old tick is no longer effective.” – Michelle

“Sounds like a good way to fail a drug test to me.”

Many people said that they were able to pass the drug test after they drank pickle juice. However, not everything is always right on the internet. Be careful and make sure you verify what you read and remember that it can just be fake news.

For every one successful in the test, a high chance is of dilution occurred from urinating a lot. However, you can also do that even if there’s no added vinegar to the water. When you drink lots of water a few hours before the drug test, there’s a possibility that THC-COOH concentration will decrease in a person’s urine. But you have to note that there’s no research as to how drinking pickle juice can affect the result of the drug test.

Pickle Juice THC Detox: PROS and CONS

Pros Cons
  • Some studies that showed that pickle juice has health benefits to cleanse the body system
  • Healthy and good for the body
  • It can serve as a protection against Diabetes
  • Also burns fat
  • Pickle juice can serve as a diuretic
  • It’s not appetizing like a Cranberry juice
  • It can be harmful to use pickles to remove out urine of weed. This is not always effective.
  • It can only be for THC and not for other drugs.
  • When you take a high amount of vinegar, there are other negative consequences like nausea, diarrhea, or even acid burn

What Might Go Wrong?

There might be a benefit of drinking pickle juice, but there are also negative effects that you have to consider. For a person who has an ulcer or kidney problems, drinking pickle juice can be a problem. To add, if you are taking potassium to lower diuretics, you should avoid pickle juice because it might affect you and your health.

Remember, authorities have already seen many people taking pickle juice to pass the drug test successfully, even if they are cheating. They have methods to find out that you might have taken drugs days before the test. Whenever you drink pickle juice, it’s not just metabolites concentration that will go down, but also the creatine level.

The laboratory technician will always be on guard with these kinds of data, and anyone could be accused of cheating their drug test. If that happens, you have to face a new and bigger problem.

Many would still ask, “If I drink vinegar will I pass a drug test” or “Can you drink pickle juice to pass a drug test?” – again, a lot of research would still say that drinking vinegar or apple cider vinegar can’t be the best solution to cheat your drug test. Some people tried it, but there’s still a high probability that it won’t. This will not be up to you if you want to take that risk. But if you want to use vinegar or apple cider to detoxify, then do that! It will help you to burn fat and lose toxins that would be good for your body! Enjoy your pickle juice, but don’t just expect magically that it would let you pass a drug test if you’ve been taking it days before.