Whether you want to pass a hair test on short notice or you know that one is coming up, there are a few ways to do it. There is only one way that I’ll recommend, and that is to use a detox shampoo.

Will Bleaching or Dying Your Hair Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

NO! We have seen this many times. Unfortunately, we have warned against bleaching and dying hair in the past but most people don’t listen. When you cover up what your hair already contains, it doesn’t work. The hair follicles are tested from the inside out when cut, as long as there is any trace of the drugs in them, the test will find out. You need a substance that will go deep like the aloe rid shampoo we recommend below. Dying or using bleach will not do the trick.

Our Recommendation

The shampoo that I recommend is the Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid. When I had an interview that required a hair test, I used it for about 2 days before the test and passed, thanks to the Macujo Method. This is the 1st hand evidence that I had to endorse to my other friends. This is the best hair detox shampoo, combined with the Mike Macujo Method, that I can recommend.

The reason I chose it was because of all the reviews I’ve seen online about it. I went to multiple different places and I couldn’t find anyone who claimed they did not pass with it. It’s easy and it’s not painful and at all.

From what I’ve read and known, the more you use it, the better your chances are of passing. So if you think you are a very heavy user, give yourself a couple more days than most people.

Most people use it for about 2-3 days before their hair test and it has worked just fine.

Where To Get It

You can find the product on a website called TestClear.com. They have all sorts of drug testing products including a test kit for yourself. Some people like these test kits to make sure for themselves that they will pass before going into the real test. I never did this, but if you want to be extra safe, those are available to buy.


I was able to find a coupon for TestClear.com as well. If you click here, it will apply to the whole website while you’re on it.

On the website where you can buy it, they recommend using the Ultra Clean Shampoo along with the Old Style Aloe Rid product, but I didn’t use it and I think that the Old Style Aloe rid product worked just fine by itself.