Self Assessment Test – Assisted Recovery

Take a couple of moments and test yourself
In most cases, it is safe to understand that you didn’t happen on this website because your life is in order. So, if this assessment raises more questions in your mind than those presented, and if you’ve answered yes to any of the questions below, we encourage you to call us for a more in-depth consultation. Please call us at  (888) 570-6391 *24/71. Have you used drugs other than those required for medical reasons?
2. Have you abused prescription drugs??
3. Have you tried to stop using drugs and were not able to do so?
4. Do you ever feel bad or guilty about your drug use?
5. Do you drugs to escape from worries or trouble?
6. Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms (felt sick) when you stopped taking drugs?
7. Have you lost time from work due to drugs?
8. Have you had medical problems as a result of your drug use – memory loss, hepatitis, convulsions, bleeding, etc.?
9. Has your efficiency decreased since you started using drugs?
10. Is using drugs jeopardizing your job or business?

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