Day Treatment / Accelerated Program

This program was developed in response to numerous requests from individuals outside of the Savannah area, and because this type of therapy program is only offered in a small number of locations in the U.S. The accelerated program incorporates as much of our 3-month outpatient as possible into a two-week outpatient program. Individuals in the Savannah area who need to jump-start their recovery or stabilize any physical or mental health problems can utilize this program as well. Out-of-town clients who will not be able to participate in a 3-month outpatient service can also utilize this program. This program includes individual and group therapy along with daily group activities at our offices. The day program meets for a minimum of 3 hours per day and is facilitated by a licensed therapist with additional support by our registered nurses. Each client will attend the day program, meet with an individual therapist, and attend the evening sessions.

Clients who would be best suited for this program include:

  • Have none to manageable medical conditions that would not be a distraction
    from treatment
  • Have none to mild emotional, behavioral, or cognitive conditions that
    would require stabilization
  • Has poor participation in treatment, significant ambivalence or lack of
    awareness of the substance abuse or mental health problem, and requires daily
    intensive services
  • Has a high probability of relapse requiring near-daily monitoring or
    support to maintain abstinence
  • Non-supportive environment but can cope with structure and support
  • Failure to achieve abstinence at a lower level of care

This program includes:

  • Screening, Intake, Orientation to our services
  • Physical Assessment by a physician or nurse practitioner
  • Clinical Assessment including a Bio-Psycho-Socio Assessment
  • Individualized Treatment Planning with an interdisciplinary staff
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Non-12-Step group therapy session twice weekly facilitated by a therapist
    for 24 sessions
  • Screening Laboratory fees
  • Individual Therapy with a licensed therapist for 5 hours per week
  • Daily group activities in our office facilitated by a licensed therapist

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