Alcohol Treatment

Assisted Recovery was the first in the country to offer an alternative to the 12-step program. Our programs center on using medications that block the signals to the brain that result in cravings or desire to drink. At Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia, we utilize naltrexone (Revia) which reduces cravings and is also highly effective for long-term recovery. Unlike deterrent medications that may make you ill, naltrexone simply and safely eliminates the “high” or “buzz” associated with alcohol. In addition, it significantly lessens the physical “need” to drink. Coupled with a personalized cognitive/behavioral program, naltrexone allows the freedom to focus on the emotional and mental facets of addiction.

For individuals who have difficulty maintaining their daily dose of naltrexone now have the option of receiving a monthly injection of Vivitrol. The time-released formula works the same as the oral naltrexone and is simply another, more powerful safeguard against relapse.

Assisted Recovery was the first in the country to offer this alternative to the 12-step program.


We offer a variety of therapy programs to assist patients with their recovery. These programs are facilitated by licensed therapists, either in a one-on-one or group setting. Our group sessions are not 12- step-based and utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive restructuring methods. With the help of the therapist and group members, clients learn how to adjust to life without the use of alcohol or drugs. Clients will also have the opportunity to work individually with a licensed therapist. Based on the needs of the client and the therapist’s assessment, therapy hours may be used for individual or family sessions and are scheduled at the convenience of the client, family, and therapist.

More than just a traditional alcohol detox/opiate detox center, our beautiful Savannah, Georgia location serves the South East, including Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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