The Science: How does Baclofen work?

Experts now acknowledge Dr. Ameisen’s hypothesis that alcoholism is linked to a deficiency in GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate), which is described as the brain’s natural valium. This natural tranquilizer helps us to relax and a deficiency leads to anxiety, muscular tension, insomnia, and depression.

To deal with this, people who are deficient in GHB self-medicate with drugs and alcohol and progressively become dependent.

GABA works through two receptors, GABA A and GABA B. When a person drinks alcohol it will occupy the GABA A receptor, mimicking the GABA’s relaxant effect. When they stop drinking, they will feel anxious again. When you take baclofen it stimulates the GABA B receptor, something only GHB does. Other medications will act only on the GABA A system but it seems the way to stop alcohol dependency lies with receptor B.