Employment Assistance Program

One important employee benefit in the modern business world is an Employee

Assistance Program, or EAP. Assisted Recovery Center takes part in the Employee

Assistance services of many Savannah-area businesses and industries. As

such, the center provides counseling, education, and training to the

employees of EAP contract-holders.

Contracts are negotiated between the center

administrators and business representatives to provide a specified number

of prepaid counseling sessions to employees and dependents. In a win-win

the situation for employer and employee, optimal workplace performance is more

frequently maintained for the employer and a message of value and respect

is conveyed to employees.

Once a company has a signed contract with the Assisted Recovery Center, employees can

easily and confidentially access counseling for issues such as marital,

family, or financial difficulties, grief, substance abuse, or any other

concerns that may interfere with work or personal life. An employee or

dependent need simply schedule a confidential assessment by calling

(912)352-2425. After an initial evaluation, a clinical professional will

determine the appropriate level of intervention and then recommend the

the most appropriate course of treatment.

Employment Assisance

For Immediate Help Call (888) 570-6391