Health Pro

HealthPro is a program designed for all health care professionals.

Many healthcare professionals view addictions to drugs or alcohol as a career-ending problem and fear that seeking help through their employer or professional health programs may jeopardize their careers. Most treatment programs can be rigid, punitive, expensive, and may involve mandatory inpatient treatment and outpatient aftercare programs lasting up to five years.

The cost of the treatment can run into the thousands of dollars and abstention from work or school for as long as a year. The fear of major financial expense, loss of income, stress on the family, and being away for several months often forces healthcare professionals to hide the problem until it is too late. Most often the employee is caught red-handed or turned in by a co-worker which leaves the employee few options but to agree to the mandated treatment or resign.

The ARCA HealthPro Program offers Healthcare Professionals immediate and highly confidential access to evidence-based treatment for a range of chemical dependences ranging from alcohol to prescription narcotic drugs.

Healthcare professionals now have a clear choice. Seek treatment well before the problems become unmanageable. The ARCA HealthPro program is a multi-faceted treatment that incorporates psychiatric, psychological, and relapse prevention counseling. The treatment is on an outpatient basis and group and individual sessions are conveniently scheduled in the evenings and weekends to minimally disrupt work, family, or school. The outcomes are better because the treatment occurs in the natural environment that the patient lives and works.

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